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29th January 2014

Words Up | Windows 8 | Logo & Splashscreen

In January, Adam Dawes was in contact regarding a new Word Puzzle game he had been working on as a modern app for Windows 8.  He was requiring a splash-screen, logo, and a set of tiles that could be used for the games Icon. After a few mock-ups and trial perspectives the chosen layouts were rendered out and

Words Up is a great little game for Windows 8 for anyone who loves their ‘Word Puzzlers’. It is available now for download here and rumour has it that a Windows Phone version is also in the making 🙂

WordsUp is a fun strategic word game for between 2 and 4 players.

Each player takes it in turns to place letter tiles on to a game board to form words and score points. Unlike other word games, WordsUp allows you to stack letters on top of those already on the board, changing those words and forming new ones. The more tiles there are in each word you form, the more points you score. As the stacks of tiles keep getting higher, so do the scores. Can you score the most points and become the WordsUp champion?

You can play WordsUp against your friends (hot-seat or “pass and play”) or against the computer. The computer has four difficulty levels, from “beginner” through to “expert” if you fancy a real challenge. You can set games up with any combination of human or computer players.

Download Link
  • Singleplayer & Multiplayer

    Support for up to four players, including any mix of human and computer players.

  • Difficulty

    Four computer difficulty levels, from “beginner” through to “expert” for a real challenge.

  • Multiple Game Support

    Manage multiple games simultaneously — put one game on hold and begin another whenever you like.

  • Informative UI

    Informative game interface with easy to see information about what each player did on their turn.

  • Pass & Play

    Full support for “hot seat”/”pass and play” multi-player games — each player’s tiles will be hidden as the next player prepares to play.

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