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5th May 2014

Revolution Ace | UI & HUD Design

A shoot em up with classic gameplay, modern accessibility, and unique multiplayer, Revolution Ace adds to the tried-and-true without diminishing what makes the genre great.

The UI Design for Revolution Ace was a lot of fun to work on. Harking back to the top down shoot-em-ups of old, the game utilizes the UDK engine bringing classic gameplay to a modern era. The setting of a post apocalyptic world was great to work with, and although the developers already had a UI in place, they felt it didn’t match the style & look they were looking for. The elements of the UI needed to look worn, of a different age, material, an almost ‘cobbled together’ look.

I used the shapes of the buttons and frames across the screens to help push a more modern side to the visuals, keeping a dusty, worn colour pallet with a little bit of dust and dirt here and there.
The challenge for this UI was creating a cross platform layout that could work on both PC and iOS without compromising too much on the style between the two. It needed to look immediately obvious that both UI’s belonged to the same game.
Target resolution was also another key consideration in the design process. Current specifications for PC’s/Tablets are a strange mix, with the smaller screen of the two actually using a higher resolution output. Something the PC is long due to catchup on.

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