12th October 2014

Welcome to the Digilocker!

Pottering around behind the scenes in between jobs over the past few weeks, aiming to bring a richer and more responsive website together for future developments.  A few things will be changing here and there, but as a starting point I’m happy with what I have here to move forward, bringing updates on a more frequent basis.

The last year has been a crazily busy and productive one, with many projects contributed on and several now out in the respective app stores. I felt it was a great time to get a good foundation here at the Digilocker to share what has been going on as well as download links and a little promotion here & there for the respective studios/development houses. The passion and devotion these talented ladies and gents put into their projects is a real inspiration, and it has been a joy to work alongside them 🙂

I’m now fully freelance, so the Digilocker will become the base of my operations here.  Early days & as always there may be a little typo & bug here or there.  If you come across any game-breaking issues, 404’s 505’s 9120’s or 2015’s please don’t hesitate to let me know!  Either through the contact form to the right, twitter, comments or any other way you can get hold of me!

Exciting times!