ReRave Plus

Final Rush

I worked on Final Rush for two commissions. Initially pre-launch, the developers at Strike Games had a UI and HUD already designed & the first version I developed was based upon that design. It was functional and served the initial purpose, but the design no longer seemed to fit with the level environments or the specific Sci-Fi tone set with the in game design.

After launch and with a substantial update already in the works. Strike Games decided a fresh design was needed for both the HUD and User Interface, which would launch alongside the additional features.

ZPocalypse Survival

Zombiiies! One of the most loved & popular genres in video games, and whether blood thirsty or plant thirsty, there have been numerous takes and game styles set in a zombie infested universe. Each tries it’s own twist or take on the usual tale of the reanimated corpses hunting living prey, and the ZPocalypse series has hit a positive note with fans of the undead. After a successful board game release (with support through a successful Kickstarter campaign) Greenbier Games decided a video game was the natural way to extend the series further.

Line of Defense Tactics

Tactics is a companion game to the upcoming MMO title Line of Defense. 3000AD thankfully granted access to a wealth of media which made working on this project highly enjoyable.

Knowing that I was going to have the fun of putting this together in Unity3D & NGUI gave a great opportunity for me to build upon that with transitions, controls, and animations that suited the Sci Fi theme, and more importantly… the Line of Defense universe.

The HUD went through a few tweaks and changes before the initial release, through playtesting the developers at 3000 AD and Capital J Media were able to provide feedback and modify certain aspects to enhance the gameplay. The context sensitive radial menu was another challenge, but worthwhile, serving a multitude of options without the cost of valuable screen estate.

Line of Defense Tactics is available now on iOS, Android, Steam, with the Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone versions due to drop later this month!